Cristian Franco

Cristian Franco (Tecate Baja California, México, 1980) lives and works in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
Cristian Franco (Tecate, 1980) has worked from the observation of the languages ​​and aesthetics of the underground and the subculture, but also from its concatenation with popular culture and the discursive structure of History, politics, advertising and marketing. Franco uses an acid and insolent humor to destabilize and dismember the components of the dominant narratives, and to highlight the weaknesses in the construction of the discourse, of the forms of the cultural already from the high culture or even of its counterparts that have been suppressed and subhistorized. The images in his work, his performative work and the research methodologies he uses cross and blur the lines of separation between truth and fiction; This strategy allows him to question the public and disengage him as a participant in the stories he addresses and as a witness to uncertainty. The New Maevans, the Doña Pancha Festival or the large series of illustrations that deal with stories such as that of the famous UFO phenomenon analyst Billy Meier, promote and expand the questions that Franco asks about the way in which culture is constructed, the ideology, or representation. The evolution of his work -which ranges from drawing, performance, sculpture, textiles, prints and text- intertwines disciplines, diffuses its limits, and results in a disconcerting imagery that provokes our notion of coherence. Cristian Franco seeks to operate from the unexpected a confrontation with what is uncomfortable but also with the finding and an approach to the world from other fronts.
Cristian Franco studied at the School of Visual Arts of the University of Guadalajara (1998-2002) and the School of Art in Havana Cuba (2000). Among his individual exhibitions are:
Didáctica para la aniquilación budista, Mandujano Cell (Los Ángeles CA,USA, 2018); Advertencia a los gobiernos de Europa, Cuadro 22 (Chur, Suiza, 2017); Sangre de yegua preñada, PARQUE galería (Ciudad de México, 2017); Selección ARTECÁMARA, Galería KB ArtBo (Bogotá, Colombia 2017); The Manna Machine, Museo de Arte Zapopan, (Jal; Mex. 2016); Primera Bienal de Video Flyer, Bikini Wax (México D.F. 2015 ); El Negro Nirvana, Galería PÁRAMO, (Guadalajara Jal. 2014); Víctor Huerta, Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, (Gabinete de video, México D.F. 2012 ); El Respeto al derecho ajeno es la capacidad para el organismo animal, Museo de Arte de Sinaloa (Culiacán, Sin. México, 2012); Rural Kaos, Galería CURRO (Guadalajara, Jal. 2009); Greatest Hits, Clemente Jacqs Laboratorio, Guadalajara Jal. (2005). Ha participado en diversas exposiciones colectivas, algunas de ellas son: Room For Failure, galería Piero Atchugarry (Maimi Florida, USA, 2019); Festival de performance VERBO, galería Vermelho, (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 2018); Supersimétrica, Matadero (Madrid, España, 2018); 7102 Fantasma semiótico (S)cituacionista, Museo de arte Carrillo Gil (Ciudad de México, 2018); Saber acomodar, MCA Denver (Colorado, USA, 2017); This Machine Kill, Fine Art Complex, (Phoenix, AZ, 2016); Border Disorder, San José Museum of Art, (CA, 2016); Modernidad Pirateada, Museo del Chopo, (Ciudad de México, 2016); Destroy all your humanity. GH-E, The Mistake Room (L.A, 2016); Reconstrucción, Museo de Arte de Zapopan, (Jal; Mex. 2016); La llamada del dios extraño II, GHE MUPO (Oaxaca, 2015); La llamada del dios extraño, GHE, Galería PÀRAMO, (Guadalajara Jal; 2014); Living as form (the nomadic versión), Museo de Arte de Sinaloa (Culiacán 2014); Soucasne Mexicke Video, (1996-2012), Meet Factory, (Praga, Rep. Checa 2014); Tinnitus y Fosfenos, Museo de Arte de Zapopan; (Zapopan, Jalisco 2013); Cannibalism in the New World, Vincent Price Art Museum, (L.A. California, 2013); Arte y Política, El Cubo, Centro Cultural Tijuana (Tijuana B.C. 2012); Everything must go’, Galería Casey Kaplan (Nueva York, Estados Unidos, 2011); Festival Tránsitio, MX 04, Círculos de Confusión: Caos Social y Ficciones Dominantes, Centro de la Imagen (México D.F. 2011); Evidence Of Absence, Galería Death by Kind (Melborne, Australia, 2011); MexiCali Bienal, Galería Ben Maltz (Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos, 2010);  Efecto Drácula, Museo del Chopo (México D.F., 2010); Vacíos urbanos, Trienal de Arquitectura (Lisboa, Portugal, 2008); Standing on one foot, Triangle Project Space (San Antonio Texas, USA, 2007); Performances et performances video, Points d’ Impact (Geneve Suiza ,2005); México Illuminado, Albrigtht Collage, C.A.C.A., (Reading, Pensilvanya, Estados Unidos, 2003). Ha sido invitado a las residencias El Odio a la Música, PAOS Residencias: Museo Taller José Clemente Orozco, Guadalajara (Jal; Mex. 2017); Object Not Found, (Parque Fundidora, Monterrey N.L, 2011); y MCA Denver, (Colorado,USA, 2017). Recibió la Beca Creadores con trayectoria PECDA (2017-2018); Jóvenes Creadores FONCA (2011 y 2014); y la beca jóvenes creadores PECDA en las emisiones (2009 y 2001); actualmente es Becario del Sistema Nacional de Creadores (2018-2021), FONCA, en la disciplina de Medios Alternativos. Sus piezas forman parte de las colecciones Fundación Jumex, Gilberto Charpenel, Diéresis, Luciano Benetton, Colección Alma Colectiva Guadalajara, entre otras.

Currently founder and director of the Doña Pancha project (2008-2019).

Calostro (detail)

Courtesy of the artist